Chicken And Mutton


TANDOORI CHICKEN Tandoor roasted chicken S$16.00
CHICKEN CHAPORA Boneless pieces simmered in kottayam masala S$16.00
CHICKEN MAPAS In light curry with potatoes S$16.00
MURGH MAKHANI Tender pieces of boneless chicken simmered in rich, creamy tomato gravy S$16.00
CHICKEN SAJANI Tender pieces of boneless chicken cook in tomato, onion cashew paste S$16.00
ADHRAKI PANJA Marinated lamb chops roasted in the tandoor S$16.00
ERACHI ULARTHIYATHU Tender mutton roasted with garam masala and diced coconut S$16.00
KERALA MUTTON A spicy and hot speciality S$16.00
MUTTON ROGAN JOSH Mutton cooked in ginger garlic plus curd S$16.00
ERACHI ISTHU A rare combination of mutton with vegetables in coconut milk S$16.00