MALABAR SEAFOOD PLATTER Selection of tiger prawn, fish, squid, lobster, & soft shell crab, pan sealed with kerala marinade S$65.00
TANDOORI LOBSTER Tandoor roasted Lobster marinated with special spices. S$55.00
TANDOORI CRAB Crab roasted in Tandoor with spices S$36.00
THE MANGO TREE GARLIC CRAB Stonecrab stuffed with garlic & butter marinade S$36.00
CRAB MASALA Stir fried in malabar masala S$36.00
CRAB CURRY CALICUT Spicy curry leaf gravy S$36.00
GRILLED TIGER PRAWNS Tiger prawns grilled with kerala marinade S$20.00
THE MANGO TREE GARLIC PRAWNS Tiger prawns stuffed with garlic and butter marinade S$20.00
TANDOORI CHILLI PRAWN Tandoori tiger prawn, capsicum, onion, and tomato S$20.00
PRAWNS ULARTHIYATHU Thick masala with cocum and diced coconut S$17.90
PRAWNS BALCHAO Fresh prawns prepared in popular Goan pickle masala with choice spices and Goan vinegar S$17.90
MOILY JHINGDI Prawns in coconut milk. S$17.90
MEEN POLICHATHU Banana leaf wrapped fish with spicy masala grilled S$20.90
MEEN VARATHADU Fish sealed with cocum, Kerala marinade, & pan fried S$20.90
LAHORI FISH Mint falvoured tandoori roasted fish S$17.90
ALLEPEY FISH CURRY Mullet simmered in spiced gravy of freshly grounded coconut milk and green mango S$17.90
KERALA FISH CURRY Sear fish in rich kerala stlye curry S$17.90
MACHLI KALIMIRCH Fish smothered with kashmiri chilly in an onion based gravy S$17.90