Coastal Vegetarian


SAMBAR Lentil and vegetable preparation S$10.50
AVIAL Fresh vegetable cooked in coconut and curd based masala S$10.50
MANGO MAPAS Green mango curry S$10.50
DAL MAKAHNI Black kidney beans dal S$10.50
KAPPA VEVICHATHU Diced tapioca in chilli & mustard seed S$10.50
VEGETABLE ISTHU Mixed vegetable in light coconut milk S$10.50
RAITA Cucumber and onion in yogurt S$5.50
KUCHUMBAR SALAD Diced tomato, capsicum, onion, lettuce, in lemon juice and chat masala S$5.80
FRESH SALAD Selection of garden salad S$5.50
KADAI SEM Blend of beans, potatoes & onions with indian spices S$10.50
BHINDI DO PYAZA The evergreen okra with onion S$10.50
ALOO PALAK Spinach with potato S$10.50
PANEER PALAK Spinach with cottage cheese S$10.50
CURD  Fresh Yoghurt S$5.00
PANEER MAKHANI Pieces of cottage cheese cook in a rich, creamy tomato gravy S$11.50
YELLOW DAL Toor Dal S$10.50
ALOO GHOBI Blend of potato and cauliflower with indian spices S$10.50